Jeremiah’s encouragement

From them will come songs of thanksgiving and the sound of rejoicing…   [Jeremiah 30:19]

When Jeremiah spoke these words to Judah’s inhabitants, the people had not yet been exiled to Babylon because of their unfaithfulness to the Lord. But dark times were rapidly approaching, and things were soon to get worse before they would get better. In only a few short years, they would witness the frightening slaughter of loved ones and the destruction of Jerusalem as well as their beloved temple. Then the few who survived would be stripped, chained together, and dragged away into captivity. But prior to these terrible events, God gave them the guarantee through Jeremiah’s preaching that He would intervene in their behalf and restore them by reversing their horrible plight, returning them to their homeland, establishing them again as a nation, and filling their barns with bountiful crops. Such great blessings would cause them to celebrate and even laugh, as the word “rejoicing” indicates in the original language.

Israel’s natural blessings then point to spiritual blessings which we may begin to experience now. By faith we can sing the songs of Zion even though darkness is covering the earth. Is He not the same yesterday, today and forever? Weeping and hardship endure for a time, but our God is with us as a mighty Champion, as the Redeemer who saves, as a Father who waits for His children to return to Him and walk obediently with Him. Trust in Him, lean heavily upon His strong right arm, follow His commandments, and wait patiently for His appearing. Celebrate His goodness today and hold to His faithful promises for that which is yet to come.

– by Jean Lewis

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