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If anyone serves Me, the Father will honor him.” (Jn. 12:26b)

The term “serve” as it is used in the text above has a broad range of applications.  It can apply to the ministry of the word and prayer, administration, serving tables,  care for people in need, care of materials and properties, mission services, etc.

Our body and Calvary has done well for many years in the works of service.  Though there’s always room for growth in the body ministry your service is outstanding.  I appreciate the love for the Lord, for me His servant, and for one another, expressed in the willingness to serve.  Thank you for your kindness, sense of responsibility, and fervency to please the Lord.  All service in His name is a blessing.

In the church world at large the serving component can present challenging issues.  Some churches seem to always shave a shortfall of servers.  A few strained members cover many services for the church receiving little encouragement, but get criticism if things go awry.  By contrast in some other rare church settings, when there’s a call for service, people are tripping over each other to get it done.

Serving is a mark of maturity indicating a person has grown from being a consumer to also being a contributor.

In Jn. 15:12-21, Jesus teaches about being a servant in an amazing way.  In verse 15, He said, “No longer do I call you slaves, for the slave does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends (i.e. partners) for all things I have heard from My Father I have made known to you.”  It can appear that Jesus is saying that after the disciples were His friends being servants would be no more.  Absolutely not!  After you are His friend and things of His Father have been made known to you, you will voluntarily enjoy being His bond servant.  Many of these heroes of our faith were called, “the servant of the Lord”.  Moses, Joshua, David, Peter, Paul, James, Jude, and others.  The friends of Jesus would stand before persecutors and serve the word though they knew imprisonment or death was impending.  Consider Stephen the martyr, serving by waiting on tables, then called to serve by giving testimony of Jesus before a hostile mob, he died at their hands.

Whoever we serve or fail to serve, it is as having done it to Christ or failing to have done it to Christ.  “Be ready for every good deed, showing every consideration for everyone.” (Titus 3:1,2)

Lord, save us from our propensity to be selfish, and may we not just look out for our own needs but the needs of others.  May we use our many gifts and resources for the building up of your body. Amen.