Calvary Church is involved with many ministries supporting the Church as well as ministries in the community and throughout the world. Read on to find out about some of the ministries in which we are involved.

Prayer: The most important ministry of any person of faith is the ministry of prayer. We at Calvary Church believe in the power of a loving God and the liberating effect of His truth. We believe in the power of prayer, though we may not fully understand the mystery of God’s design of prayer. Coming to Him with our worship and praise as well as our infirmities, needs and those of others is at His invitation. And so, we delight to spend time in the communion and fellowship of prayer before the Lord.
Practical Compassion (”PC”) is a charitable organization which provides food, education and medical attention for the deprived children of Haiti. PC has built two orphanages, four churches and four schools, supports over a thousand students, pays salaries for all the teachers in the four schools and helps support another school run by Mortel Family Charitable Foundation.
Metro Ministries is a ministry to inner city children in Brooklyn, New York. For several years Calvary supported the Christmas Stocking project; however, this year Calvary has changed its support to the school supplies project called, Love in a Bag.
Operation Christmas Child is an international program to provide needy children with a Christmas package filled with everything from toiletries to toys and crackers to crayons. Calvary Church has been participating in this project for years and continues its commitment to this outreach.
Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Services (”SVPS”) is a non-profit organization which helps women in crisis, pregnant women and unwed mothers. They also provide services for women who wish to choose a course of action which does not include abortion as the only alternative. The following program is only one of many ways in which we help SVPS support women in crisis.
Baby Bottle Boomerang is an annual fund raising effort to acquire fiscal support for the wide variety of programs provided by SVPS. Calvary Church has been a long-time contributor to this effort.
Support Our Troops: Calvary Church is proud to be a part of the nationwide effort to support our troops in practical ways. One such support vehicle is the adopt-a-platoon concept. Items needed by our servicemen and servicewomen are purchased and sent to them in Iraq. You can also adopt a platoon by going on the web and signing up for the program as many different organizations are promoting this type of effort.
Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank: Providing blood for members throughout Central Pennsylvania.
Evangelical School of Theology (”EST”) is arguably one the the best accredited theological seminaries in the country. Located in Myerstown, PA, EST boasts an outstanding faculty and strong biblically based education. The academic environment is second to none. All this in a small community setting. Calvary Church has provided more than 15 students with full-time scholarships to this remarkable graduate school.
Calvary Church sponsors Youth Mission Teams for summer mission work camp experiences. These camps give youth an opportunity to serve others by working on home and community improvement projects all over the East Coast.
Lebanon County Christian Ministries (”LCCM”) is a county-wide ministry comprised of numerous churches and organizations. It provides a diverse set of social programs to the underprivileged both inside and outside the county. One of the many services this organization oversees is listed next.
LCCM Noon Meals Program: Calvary Church works alongside many other congregations to provide free, cooked meals to anyone who wishes to participate. Meals are cooked and served for anyone who walks through the doors of the noon meals program — free of charge.
Sometimes people get sick, injured, or need surgery. When that happens and time is needed for healing, Calvary Church takes care of her own. Cooked meals are provided until the person who cannot cook for himself or herself is sufficiently recovered to resume normal household chores.
Calvary Church Tape Lending Library Program sends tapes around the world sharing the Good News Message with all those who would like to hear. This service is provided free of charge. Of course, sermons and teaching sessions are now available online via streaming audio. (see our Sermons link.)

Calvary Church Community Outreach provides housing and utility needs for community-based organizations such as Taking Off Pounds Sensibly (T.O.P.S.) and Lebanon County Foster Parents’ Association (LCFPA). This is done solely as a service to the community at no charge.

Calvary Supported Missions/Missionaries

  • Julian Carter, Guatemala (Ministry, education)
  • Luc Deratus, Haiti (Ministry, education, humanitarian relief)
  • Mrs. Gladi Raj, India (Ministry)
  • T. Paokholian Gangte, Manipur, India (Ministry, orphan care, humanitarian relief)
  • Dorothy Kinonde, Uganda (Orphan care, ministry)
  • Practical Compassion, Inc., Haiti (Orphan care, education, food, clothing, medical)
  • Joy Thomas, New Delhi, India (Ministry, orphan care)
  • Irvin & Crystal Hinmon, Soul Saving Center, NJ (Ministry)
  • Malcolm Workman, Calabash, NC (Ministry)
  • Harmony Ministries, Haiti (Education)
  • Carmen Linder, Honduras (Deaf School)