Called To Worship

“But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” [I Pet.2:9]

Long before Peter wrote these treasured words, God’s vision was to redeem a people who would worship Him in gratitude for His saving works.  God made it clear to Moses that He was delivering His people from Egypt “…that they may worship…” Him. (Ex. 8:1) On the heels of deliverance at the Red Sea the Israelites burst forth with worship, dance, and praise. (Ex.15)  The best of times in Israel’s sojourn was when Moses called all the people to contribute precious metals, fabrics, and skins for the tabernacle of worship.  They contributed so much Moses had to command them to stop. (Ex. 36:1-7)

Peter made it abundantly clear that the Lord hasn’t let up on His call for people to worship Him.  Jesus made the call clear when He said, “…Father is seeking true worshippers who worship in spirit and truth.” (Jn. 4:23,24) Paul, practically describes worship in the church, “Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm, teaching, tongue, and interpretation.” (I Cor. 14:26)  In other verses of chapter fourteen, he speaks of revelation, prophesying, knowledge, teaching, singing and praying with the spirit.

My dear priesthood of Calvary Church, we have a longstanding tradition of worship in which we all are encouraged to offer gifts of the Spirit, prayers, praise, dance, and revelations, etc.  Let us not become complacent or take for granted this unique fulfillment of Biblical worship!  In the building of the burnt offering alter, the Lord prohibited the stones from being cut.  This pictures how man’s profane inclinations were not to shape the worship of God’s holy people.  Over the centuries, much of the church has worshipped with cut stones.  And worship has been profaned by man’s inclinations.  Let’s not go there!

In this day in which many want to go to church to hear good teaching, I’ve heard the sentiment, “It’s alright if I miss worship, at least I’ll hear the teaching.”  My fellow priests, a huge bulk of the scriptures teach our greatest priority is to worship the Lord, contributing our spiritual gifts and offerings, and edifying one another.

We have done well in worship.  We will continue to do well if we meet with Father in secret, then He rewards us openly with genuine worship and edification of the body.  Let us leave stone cutting out of it.  Be filled with the Spirit.  Let Him lead us in fulfilling this foremost call – worship.  Enter in, invest yourself, and see His renewal in our worship.

May we be able to say with the psalmist, “A day in your courts is better than thousands elsewhere.” (Psalm 84:10) “In your presence is fullness of joy, at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” (Psalm 16:11) And above all, Spirit led worship pleases the King of Kings!